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Our Services at a Glance:

  • Import & Export:

    We are government registered merchant exporters in India. We deal in almost all permitted products globally. Register your business with us now ! details..

  • Online & Web Solutions:

    We offer complete website packages, domain registration, web hosting & servers, online marketing, SEO services, web maintenance, etc.  details..

  • Outsourcing:

    We handle all kinds of global outsourcing. Outsource all your major business functions, processes, projects, works, etc to us. details..


Why Advertise Online With Us..

Do you want to enter the customer's door without knocking it ?

Your advertisement be it a product or service will be watched by millions online. You can convert visitor of your site in to trusted customer. The advertisement will give you a wide exposure through us. Win a customer and you have won the sale.

A viewer of your advertisement becomes your customer; at Tradex your ad reaches a mass of millions.
Every company wants that its ad viewer becomes its customer. TRADEX does the same through online advertising be it a product or services. Minimum efforts and maximum returns.

Profit can be maximized by reducing cost and increasing revenue. TRADEX ad solutions are custom made for each client to cater both these aspects. A glance of few seconds to your advertisement can bring you host of customers for your product or services. Come to TRADEX and you have won the sale.

TRADEX brings the most effective advertising solutions to promote your business, services, products online.

 Tradex Advantage :

We use our network to assist businesses gain global exposure and do business with global buyers and sellers.
> Reaching out to the target audience on the Internet.
> Brand building.
> Generate traffics on websites.
> Generates more Sales & Revenue.

Banner Advertising
Highly targeted, animated banners to get high profile buyers and generate quality business enquiries. We have well defined positions on almost every page of our network, usually in the Home page itself. We serve animated and real media banners in the standard sizes of 468x60 pixel , 728x90 pixel , 120 x 90 pixels, etc. and are equipped to handle all custom sizes for specific campaigns. Banners can be placed on all pages of tradex site as well as on other niche network sites viz. , , , , etc. where you can have millions viewing your advertisement.

Business Directory Listing
A Business Directory is a website listing of information which lists all businesses within some category. Businesses can be categorized by type location, activity, or size. and will include the business name, addresses, telephone numbers, location, type of service or products the business provides, number of employees, the service region and any professional associations. Your business stays on the directory always. Some of the benefits of listing on are:

> Increased Publicity: From people visiting the business directories from the directories themselves or via search engines. This is an excellent form of marketing and of spreading information about your business.
> Gaining the Edge over Competition: So as to surpass your competitors, you can easily increase your profit.
> Cost Effective: Listing on a business directory is very cost effective . It carries a small fee for listing your company. It is a very inexpensive form of marketing.
> Unlimited Trade Enquiries: Thousands of buyers can contact you directly 24x7, 365 directly or through the inbuilt contact form on your listing.
> Easily Change Information: You can easily change information in a business directory to reflect changes in your business anytime, any number of times. New offices, new products or even introduce a new website. etc.. This is very profitable as opposed to for print business directories.
> Search Engines: Our business directory is in conjunction with all major search engines in the world  allowing  you to be easily found by search engines and by people searching for information online. So you get regular visitors from everywhere.

Business Directory Rates - click here

Classified Ad Listing
Classified ads must be crafted in such a manner that it shows curiosity about the product or the service being offered. All the service details and product particulars must be mentioned so that prospective customers have a clear idea of what to expect. Contact details must be mentioned in full in the classified such as the mobile number, an email ID, a website URL, and preferably even a snail mail address. This allows customers to contact the advertisers in any way they prefer.

Rates for Classified Ad Listing
Rate Card’s Rs.4999 / $89 Rs.9999 / $179 Rs.11999 / $219
Ad Post 500 2500 Unlimited
Validity (Month) 6 12 12
Online Enquiry Yes Yes Yes
Banner Ad No Yes Yes
Online Catalogue No No Yes
Ad Rotation Choice No No Yes
Renewal Discount 10% 15% 20%


This Month's Special Offer - 60% Discount on all banner rates
Ad Types Pages Dimensions Rate
Banner Ads Home, Display Any Rs. 10,000 / $200  per month
Banner Ads Search, Login Any Rs. 5,000 / $100  per month
Scrolling Texts Home, Other Any Rs. 5,000 / $100  per month
Pop ups/ under Home, Other Any Rs. 20,000 / $400  per month
Text Links Ads All Any Rs. 1500 / $25 per month