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  • Import & Export:

    Direct Export, Sourcing Agent, Online Exporting, Freight Forwarding, Drop Shipping, Insurance, Inspection, Market Research, Softwares - details..

  • Outsourcing:

    We handle all kinds of global outsourcing. Outsource all your major business functions, processes, projects, works, etc to us. details..

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    We offer complete website packages, domain registration, web hosting & servers, online marketing, SEO services, web maintenance, etc.  details..


We provide the following for (All Countries - All Permissible Products)
Tradex holder of  Import Export Code (IEC) issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Government of India is a leading Importer & Exporter of all  permissible goods and services.

(1) Direct exporting & importing - We provide importing, exporting & all related services for alomost all permissible products to/from all countries. If you have anything to import or export, get in touch with us now.

(2) Export-import sourcing agentFor our clients & members we source their required product, supplier or buyer. If you are looking for an overseas company who is into sourcing service, you have come to the right place. We cater as per exact requirements and demands and offer our valued suggestions. We sign a sourcing agreement with our clients, where where everything is kept absolutely transparent.  We make sure the desired products and our services meets our customer demands.

(3) Online exporting/importing or Selling Online - It is possible to import products in bulk and then sell those online with great markup. Selling online is great for small and light items what you can deliver by air. We can analyze the trends and make sure what is selling well, so you can import those in bulk and sell online. We will help you create your online store, import products and make great pictures with product description and do branding and promotions. If you are interested to start an online store but technically not sound or do not have adequate manpower to handle operations and backend, we shall help you with that too. Selling online need specific skills and knowledge, like online marketing, SEO, content creation for your online store, integrating the technology, like online payments, CRM, tracking system etc. This is a rising trend nowadays and more and more offline sellers are going online as well. In a nutshell, we will help you with everything from scratch to your success.

(4) Freight Forwarding - We handle end to end shipping by road, rail, ship & flight through our freight forwarding channels.

(5) Export/import insurance - We understand the value of the goods and provide Insurance to all imported or exported goods.

(6) Export/import Inspection Provider - Most overseas companies need some local company do the inspection of the supplier/factory before finalizing or making payments and get an unbiased true report. This is very widely common in Asia and the rest of the world. There are a lot of scammers and cheaters online who present them as direct suppliers but who are actually just trading companies or scammers. Because of the language barrier or geo location barrier, it is very hard for the foreign company to inspect that company.
Inspection plays a very important role in export-import business. Usually, the foreign importer does not agree to pay for the goods if the proper inspection hasn’t concluded.
We offer inspection services. We can visit your country suppliers, check their background and production and then analyze and give feedback to you before buying.


(7) Export-import Market Researcher - Analyzing local market for making sure what could be imported and analyzing some foreign export markets to make sure what can be exported to there – is detailed work. This is also a very important work, before making important decisions for all buyers and sellers. Unfortunately, small exporters and importers don’t have time and knowledge to conclude proper market analyze. Sometimes decisions about what to export or import are being made based on the very brief market information. Sometimes this can lead the company to costly mistakes.
Tradex is good at researching markets and collection, analyzing the data, and provide market research services to the local companies and also to foreign companies.


(8) Export-import Marketer - We are good at marketing online and offline, and offer your marketing services for exporters and importers.
We help companies with branding and to reach them to the bigger amount of customers. Most of the small exporters and importers are terrible in export import business marketing. It is because they don’t have time and knowledge about how to market their products to get more buyers and export orders from overseas. They are more focusing on manufacturing the great products.
Our work is to make sure how to reach to your customer/clients, how to present products, create and execute marketing campaigns. Finally, make prospects want to buy products from you.


(9) Service Export / Exporting software products to foreign countries - In India, there are a lot of qualified software engineers. Because Average Indian software engineer and operation costs much lower in India than in European countries or In the USA, hence getting your software or your backend operations done in India is a much wiser decision. Our IT engineers can produce the software products and export it as per custom requirements.
If your project is a big one or long term, we can build a small team of IT engineers and and dedicate the regular work and oversee on your behalf. Be it apps, websites, other software products, projects, or backend process, simply outsource it to us.


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